GIRO GOLD – Kebigada Deposit

  • Drilling confirmed main zone of mineralisation over 1.3 – 1.5km, widths of  up 350-400m and depths  exceeding 300m
  • Mineralisation strongly associated with silica  flooding, quartz stringers  and sulphides (pyrite and  chalcopyrite)
  • High grade mineralisation (>3g/t Au) associated with  E-W trending quartz  stringers and  pyrite/chalcopyrite laminae
  • Mineralisation has an apparent plunge to the north which highlights the underground potential


Geology Model

  • NW-SE trending Sub-vertical vein/dyke model
  • High-grade dilational jog (Purple) at the center of the ore zone
  • Continuity of the high-grade structure to be revised with additional on-going drilling

Historic Drilling

  • Results reported for all 161 RC and 28 diamond drill holes completed at Giro (in the 23 Aug 2017 Maiden Resources)
  • 62Mt at 1.46g/t Au for 2.14 million ounces Au (0.90g/t Au cut-off grade)
  • Significant results included:
  • GRRC058: 97m at 2.56g/t Au from surface to bottom of hole
  • GRRC075: 47m at 4.13g/t Au from 25m, including 29m at 5.93g/t Au from 25m
  • GRRC204: 89m at 1.58g/t Au from 8m including 38m at 2.45g/t Au  from 8m
  • GRDD002: 1m at 2.53g/t Au from 191m including 30.6m at  3.00g/t Au from 198.5m
  • GRDD004: 0m at 6.06g/t Au from 0m and 69.6m at 1.67g/t Au  including 39m at 2.3g/t Au from  94.9m

Recent Drilling (Post Maiden Mineral Resource Announcement)

  • Significant drilling results included:
  • GRDD032: 10m at 4.36g/t Au from 102m including 4.05m at 9.30g/t Au from 103.75m, 88.1m at 2.13g/t Au from 221.4m including 3m at 35.86g/t Au from 238m
  • GRDD029: 6.8m at 3.62g/t Au from 70.3m, 6.6m at 7.75g/t Au from 90.4m, 3.35m at 5.55g/t Au from 146.65m including 0.7m at 23.2g/t Au from 146.65m
  • GRDD031: 35.4m at 1.07g/t Au from 188.1m and 38.4m at 1.17g/t Au from 231m


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