GIRO GOLD – Douze Match Deposit

Exceptional scout shallow RC results from Douze Match

  • Highly significant mineralisation within 6km x 2.5km Au in soil anomaly
  • Significant intercepts included:
    • 2m at 196g/t Au from 12m & 15m at 255.6g/t Au from 15m, including 3m at 1,260g/t Au from 15m
    • 20m at 7.1g/t Au from surface and 12m at 21.2g/t Au from 3m in laterites

Drilling Program from 2017 to Jan 2018 in Douze Match NE

  • 1km prospect confirmed by RC and Diamond Drilling and open at both end and at depth
  • RC Drill best significant result in Douze Match NE including:
  • DMRC003: 15m at 255.64g/t Au, incl. 3m at 1260g/t Au and 12m at 14.3g/t Au
  • DMRC004: 12m at 21.21g/t Au, incl. 3m at 34.7g/t Au; and 12m at 4.33g/t Au
  • DMRC019: 13m at 8.41g/t Au, incl. 6m at 17.55g/t Au
  • DMRC278: 11m at 2.55g/t Au, incl. 3m at 6.27g/t Au
  • DMRC289: 14m at 4.11g/t Au, incl. 9m at 5.96g/t Au
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